Shopping or dining on the East Side and not sure where to park? Here are a few short term parking options:

P 1
East Library lot – 2300 block of Cramer St.
After library hours till 2am, free
P 2
US Bank lot – 2300 block of Farwell Ave.
After bank hours, $2 per car

P 2
City meter lot – 2300 block of Farwell Ave.
10 hour limit, $0.25 per hour

P 3
Columbia St. Mary’s structure – 2300 block of Prospect Ave.
After 5pm & weekends, flat rate
P 4

City meter lot – 1900 block of North Ave.
10 hour limit, $0.25 per hour

P 5
Kenilworth Building structure – 2100 block of Farwell Ave
7am to 8pm, $0.40 per hour
8pm to 2pm, free

P 6
Prospect Mall – 2200 block of Prospect Ave. (enter on Ivanhoe Pl.)
Sun and Sat 9am to 4pm, $2 per car
Mon through Fri 6am to 4pm, $2 per car
Sun through Thurs 4pm to 9am, $4 per car
Fri and Sat 4pm to 4am, $5 per car
Night parking prohibited without permit, or unless otherwise posted.


Monthly parking is also available:

For the Clock Tower Building, contact Milwaukee Executive Realty -

For the Prospect Mall lot, contact Impark -