‘Bigger, messier, tastier:’ Coordinated chaos for a great cause at 13th annual Tomato Romp

‘Bigger, messier, tastier:’ Coordinated chaos for a great cause at 13th annual Tomato Romp

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Thousands of pounds of rotten tomatoes were thrown in a tomato fight on Milwaukee's east side Saturday, Sept. 7. The food fight was all for a good cause.

Around 8,000 pounds of rotten tomatoes were unloaded into a pit during the calm before the chaos of the Tomato Romp.


"This year is a little bit bigger, messier and tastier than ever," said Liz Brodek, East Side Business Improvement District.

Proceeds to go to the Riverwest Food Pantry's Healthy Food Fund. The day is full of eating, drinking and throwing rotten tomatoes for a good cause.

"Everybody is having fun," said Mitchell Wakefield, celebrity judge. "Who doesn't like to throw tomatoes at people? Especially rotten ones!"

Several bars on the East Side competed for the best Bloody Mary.

"Looking forward to some very good Bloody Marys," said Dawn Hubbard of Milwaukee.

You might be wondering, does it hurt to get it with a rotten tomato? All of the tomatoes are pre-squished before they're thrown during the fight.

"You will probably walk away with some tomato parts and seeds in different nooks and crannies," said Brodek.

As tomatoes spatter and squish in every direction, the rotten fight is for a fresh cause.

"It just makes me feel good to give to someone, and we're having fun at the same time," said Heather Brown of Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Fire Department came to the rescue, hosing down people drenched in tomato juice. 



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