Milwaukee Bars and Restaurants Welcome Customers Back

Milwaukee Bars and Restaurants Welcome Customers Back

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Many restaurants and bars in Milwaukee have begun welcoming customers inside their buildings since Friday.  

This after the City of Milwaukee announced entering phase 2, allowing businesses to have guests at 25% capacity.

Many local business owners and residents of Milwaukee were patiently waiting to be able to dine in or have a drink at their favorite spots again.

 Businesses have been preparing and making changes in advance to ensure their customer's health and safety at their return.

“We took away some of our patio furniture so we could have people sit outside comfortably," said Nancy Beesley about Hooligan's Bar on Milwaukee's east side.

Hooligan's bar also added a plexi glass barrier at the bar and has reduced seating inside.

Just down the street, Vintage Bar also re-opening with safety measures in place, after being completely closed since the pandemic started in march.

"We’re just a bar so we don’t actually have to serve food so it has been rough, some of our staff if we’re fortunate enough to get unemployment...," said Taylor Fiester, a Vintage Bar employee. 

In Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood, Hotel Madrid is another local business welcoming guests back to dine in their restaurant. 

“First and foremost what we’re here to provide is a healthy and safe dining experience," said Sean Wille, Marketing Director at Hotel Madrid and Movida Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Mayor Barrett says the decision comes after new numbers for Covid-19 testing capacity show the city can enter this new phase with precautions in place.

“As we looked at the numbers we felt we had moved to the next category in all areas, with the expectation of one area there was work to be done, in the testing," commented Mayor Barrett.

Assuring that his decision has no correlation with the recent events in the city.

“The fact that I was talking this last week before all of these events of this week demonstrates beyond any doubt that it has absolutely nothing to do with what we’re experiencing right now," continued Barrett.

Mayor Barrett added that he understands for some businesses re-opening will require more time.

Fusion Poke restaurant near North Avenue is one of the businesses in the city that will keep their dining room closed.

“Mainly it’s for the safety of our employee and the customers," said Andy Zheng. 

They will continue to operate by pick-up only until health risks become very minimal and there is a vaccine for covid-19 available.

“We still have to wait for any type of vaccine that will help destroy the virus," Zheng finished.

Other businesses told Spectrum News their operations are still subject to change based on new safety health orders and events happening in the city that could affect their business. 



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