East Side Business Improvement District
Ivanhoe Plaza
A Unique Gathering Space Designed to offer a Peaceful Refuge

Ivanhoe Pedestrian Plaza

A unique public gathering space designed to offer a peaceful refuge on the East Side

Located in the center of the East North Avenue Commercial District, Ivanhoe Plaza is a unique gathering space designed to offer a peaceful refuge in an area of high-volume traffic on North Avenue.

The Plaza offers residents, visitors, and employees of nearby businesses a safe place to congregate outside at one of the many picnic tables, appreciate the company of friends and family, and enjoy some food or drink from one of the surrounding establishments. At nighttime, the Plaza often comes alive with live music, pop-up vendors, and other special events and programming. The Plaza also happens to be adjacent to Black Cat Alley, a nationally recognized outdoor art gallery with over 21 murals.

Tables, chairs, picnic tables and greenery fill the former street, which now serves as an extension of the patios for Crossroads Collective food hall and Hooligan’s Super Bar. Visitors to those businesses and others nearby are able to use the space.