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East Side ON is a promotional series we put together to assist our East Side businesses during the pandemic. Businesses are featured on an Experience Milwaukee podcast and on the East Side social media channels. By letting people learn more about our businesses and their inspiring owners through podcasts and social media, we hope that our favorite businesses will be around long after the pandemic subsides! 

The brilliant East Side ON logos were created by Milwaukee designer Emma Bohorfoush 

Experience Milwaukee

The East Side ON Experience Milwaukee Podcast

The East Side ON / Experience Milwaukee collaboration brings this program into the world of podcasts with heartwarming, informative, and charming interviews with each featured East Side business. The Experience Miwaukee team, Steve Glynn and Adam Derus, interviewed Executive Director of the East Side BID, Liz Brodek, in March 2020 in an episode about her role with the BID and how to support small businesses in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This sparked what would become the East Side ON Experience Milwaukee podcast interview series. Find each featured interview linked below, here, or wherever you can find podcasts! 


Beard MKE feat. Geoff Hoen - "Beards, Beers, and How The East Side Moves Forward!"

Splash Studio feat. David Poytinger - "With Axe Throwing on Hold Bars & Recreation Gets Creative to Keep Customers and Employees Engaged"

The Waxwing feat. Steph Davies - "Waxwing: From KC to CHI to Finding (Making) Community in MKE!"

Izzy Hops Swig & Nosh feat. Mike Vitucci "The Welcoming Vibe of Milwaukee's East Side at Izzy Hops!"

Tavolino feat. Peter Dietrich  "Tavolino: How Opening a Restaurant During a Pandemic Can Test Your Passion"

East Side Pilates & Phlox Boutique- feat. Jesse Masche  "Staying Flexible in Tough Times with East Side Pilates!"

 Fusion Poke- feat. Andy Zheng  "Create Your Very Own Poke Experience--Especially Helpful For First-Timers Like Us!"

Judy's On North feat. Sara Arenas - "Judy's On North Goes Above and Beyond for Customers!"

NEIGHBOR Art Studio feat. Alex Zens - "Creative Focus on the Kiddos at the Amazing NEIGHBOR Art Studio!"

BeSOUND Music Studio feat. Julie Brandenburg - "beSOUND music studio: Where Laughing Matters and Learning Happens Without Pressure!"

Freshfin Poke feat. Nate Arkush - "Scratch Made Fresh Daily: It's How FreshFin Poké Does It!"

Sip & Purr Cat Cafe feat. Katy McHugh- "A Cafe Where You Can Enjoy and Adopt Cats!"

Beans & Barley feat. Jim Neumeyer- "Beans & Barley - A Healthy Vibe With Indulgence Done The Right Way!"

Little Monsters feat. Andie Zacher- "Little Monsters have never been so friendly, warm, and welcoming!"

Crossroads Collective feat. Emily Chirillo- "Milwaukee's Badass Food Hall!"

Von Trier feat. Mark Zierath- "East Side ON With Von Trier!"

Shred 4/15 feat. Margaux Chandler- "Building Community in Four 15-Minute Intervals at a Time"

 Celesta feat. Melanie Manuel- "East Side ON with Celesta Restaurant!"

Adventure Rock feat. Craig Burzynski- "East Side ON with Adventure Rock!"

Shanghai feat. Daniel Dufek- "East Side ON with Shanghai Speakeasy!"

Thum! feat. Darleen Vanmanivong- "East Side ON with Thum!- Where Food is the Love Language!"

Triciclo Perú feat. Amy Narr- "East Side ON with Triciclo Perú!"

Scratch Ice Cream feat. Dusty Garley & Justin Povlick- "East Side ON with Scratch Ice Cream, Small Batch Gigantic Deliciousness!"

TBEY Arts Center feat. Contessa Lobley- "East Side ON with TBEY Arts Center!"

2020 East Side Art Lot Artists feat. Becca Segal & 'Cutesy Macabre' Keighley Sadler- "East Side ON Art Lot!"

Pizza Shuttle feat. Mark Gold- "Pizza Shuttle: Delicious and Fun Pizza on Milwaukee's East Side!"