Trivia Mafia

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Trivia Mafia
Trivia Mafia
Every Sunday 5 PM Vintage
CALENDAR 2015-12-20 17:00:00 2021-07-04 22:00:00 America/Chicago Trivia Mafia Prizes for your A's to our Q's. Free to play, with a chance to win bar tabs, Lakefront Brewery products, tickets to Comedy Sportz and a surprise prize. 2203 N. Prospect Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202 Vintage MM/DD/YYYY
5 PM
EVENT LOCATION Vintage 2203 N. Prospect Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202
Trivia Mafia


Trivia Mafia

Come answer questions for prizes while you hang out with friends and have drinks. Then stick around for the season finale of The Walking Dead to round out your Sundead Fundead!

Answer questions for prizes over drinks with friends. We've got sponsorships from Bell's Brewery, Pita Pit, ComedySportz, and Valentine Coffee Roasters! Come get prized up!

Check out a slideshow of teams with their prizes at www.triviamafia.com/vin

It's free to play. Here's what's up for our winners:
- $25 bar tab for first place
- $15 bar tab for second place
- Six-pack of beer from Bell's Brewery for third place
- A bag of coffee from Valentine Coffee Roasters
- "Surprise" last place prize
- PLUS! Tickets to a ComedySportz match to be awarded at the discretion of your trivia host!

Don't forget to sign up for the email list at triviamafia.com for a no-context clue and the round names each week to get that extra leg up on your competition!

If you come on down to play Trivia Mafia, there are a couple things you should know:
• There’s no cost to play. It’s totally free!
• Our trivia events are designed for teams of 1-8 people, so gather a crew of your brainiest friends and win some great prizes
• You will play 6 rounds of trivia. Two are general knowledge, and the other are themed, covering a wide variety of topics from pop culture to geography to historical events.
• In addition, we do a “Matching Round” before half time and a 10-picture “Image Round.”
• If you want a sneak peek at the categories for the week be sure to visittriviamafia.com and sign up for our email list. Every Sunday you’ll find an email in your inbox with a clue, our categories and any updates on times or cancellations for the day.